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FAQ's & Cleaning Tips

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that we have put together to assist you. If you have any other questions, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

Applications and Household Cleaning Tips

Acrylic Surfaces: Shower stalls, hot tubs, bath tubs, sinks
Animal Habitats
Animal Stains
Aquariums and all related equipment
Automobiles: Interior and Exterior
Barbecue Grills: Outdoor Grills
Bathroom Cleaning - Toliets, Tile, Bathtubs, Showers and More
Bird Cages, Bird Baths and Feeders
Blinds and Window Coverings
Boating and all Marine related equipment
Carpet Cleaning
Concrete, driveways, garage floors, masonry, stone, paving stones, etc.
Creosote and soot from wood burning stoves and fireplaces.
Decks and Siding: Outside Deck and Siding Cleaning
Dish washing by hand
Dishwashing Machines
Drains: Can Bio Green Clean freshen up and help to clear clogged drains?
Eyeglass Cleaning with Bio Green Clean
Fiberglass Surfaces
Filters: cleaning air ducts, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air conditioner filters, etc.
Fish Odors
Floor Cleaning: all types of floors including wood, laminate wood, tile, travertine tile, vinyl, linoleum, granite, etc.
Furniture: All types, Indoor and Outdoor
Garbage Cans and Trash Cans
Gasoline Spillage
Glass and Mirrors:
Granite Surfaces: Cleaning Granite, Marble, Manufactured Quartz and all types of counter top surfaces.
Grout Cleaning
Hard Water Stains
Hot Tubs
Jewelry Cleaning
Laundry Booster and Fabric Softener
Laundry Machine odors
Leather Cleaning
Marble and Granite Surfaces
Metal Surfaces including iron, aluminum, etc.
Microwave Ovens
Oil and Grease Stains:
Oven Cleaning
Pet care: Bathing Your Pets with Bio Green Clean
Plastic Surfaces
Pots and pans
Power Washers and Bio Green Clean
Prepping walls for re-painting.
Pumps, Housings and Fittings
Screens: Computer Monitors, Laptops, TVs
Shower Stalls
Siding; all types: wood, masonry, aluminum, concrete/wonder board, composite.
Sinks: All types, including Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Enamel, Cast Iron. For cleaning all other stainless steel surfaces, see "Stainless Steel Cleaning"
Soap Scum
Stainless Steel Surface Cleaning (for cleaning stainless steel sinks, see "Sinks")
Stains from Animals:
Stains on Fabric, Linen, Clothing, etc.
Swimming pools and Bio Green Clean
Tile: All types including ceramic, travertine, porcelain, glass tile, etc. For tile floors, see "Floor Cleaning".
Tobacco Stains, Residue and Odors
Tools and all Shop Equipment
Tree Sap:
Urine and Feces: Animal Stains
Wheels, including aluminum, alloy, steel, etc, factory and custom
Windshield Washer Alternative
Wood Surfaces: All wood surfaces including cabinetry, furniture, trim, etc.


Gluten Free?

Hydroponics Equipment Cleaning

Can it be used to clean gardening equipment?
Cleaning Your Entire Growing Area
Cloning Machines
Fittings, Pumps and Tubing
Foliage and Leaf Cleaner: Is Bio Green Clean an effective Foliage and Leaf cleaner?
Gardening Tools: Can Bio Green Clean be used for all gardening equipment?
HID Lights and Sodium Lights Cleaning
Hydroponics Equipment: The best and only cleaning product for all hydroponics equipment
Hydroponics Nutrients stains: Is it effective on nutrient additive stains such as Liquid Karma, Florilicious, GH Flora Micro, etc.?
Hydroton® Pebbles
Meters: Cleaning TDS/PH Meters
Trays and Reservoirs and all Hydroponics Equipment Cleaning Needs.

Order & Shipping F.A.Q's

Can you ship to multiple addresses?
How do I edit or change my e-mail address?
How quickly is my order shipped?
Is Bio Green Clean available in nationwide stores?
Ordering: Are there alternative methods for ordering Bio Green Clean?
Packing "Peanuts": Does Bio Green clean use Styrofoam for packaging?

Questions About the Product

Acidity in Bio Green Clean: Is BGC acidic?
Chemicals: Does Bio Green Clean contain the typical chemicals found in many conventional cleaners?
Cruelty Free: Is Bio Green Clean cruelty free?
Dilution Formula: What's the easiest formula for mixing concentrate & water for most applications?
Fragrances: Does Bio Green Clean contain fragrances, dyes or perfumes?
Freezing: Does Freezing compromise the Bio Green Clean?
Gluten and Soy: Does Bio Green Clean contain any gluten or soy?
Ingredients: What are Bio Green Clean's Ingredients?
Labels: Is the product the same in the Household label vs. the Industrial Equipment label?
Refilling the 32 oz. RTU Spray Bottle using BGC Concentrate
Septic Systems and Bio Green Clean
Wear Protective Gear?
What is the shelf-life of Bio Green Clean?

User Guide

Do customers receive a free User Guide?


  • 100% Plant Derived
  • 100% Hypoallergenic!
  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • NO Dyes or Colors
  • NO Artificial Ingredients
  • NO Perfumes or Fragances
  • NO Chemicals Residue
  • NO Animal Testing
  • NO Peroxide
  • NO Ammonia
  • NO Bleach


  • “Bio Green Clean is truly a safe, friendly and economical product and no overpowering fragrances! My house cleaning and particularly mopping time has been cut in half! I just add Bio Green and water in my mop pail and the rest is history, and for discolored grout I spray and wait about minutes then wipe off.” - Delorise Cunigan
  • “I have to say that I used this stuff for the first time last weekend. I think this product is amazing. I recently bought a house and was cleaning up some shelving in the garage which had oil and all sorts of junk stuck to them. They looked like new when I was done. I am impressed!” - Chris Taylor
    Housewares Buyer
    McGuckin Hardware, Boulder CO
  • "Thanks again, and best wishes to Mark and colleagues for continuing success!I continue to use Bio Green Clean for all kinds of cleaning projects, and I wouldn’t be without it. There is nothing like it, and it is safe and easy to use." - Sue T., WI
  • "Just to let you folks know, this was my fifth order of your product. I have purchased it for my friends and relatives. I also volunteer as a driver for our local rescue squad, and after every run I clean the inside of the unit to get rid of the smell of disinfectants that we must use. This product is great! - Walter S., MD
  • "I heard about your product on the Ed Shultz program. As a result we decided to try on cleaning our industrial pipeline compressors (Large CAT engines driving Large compressors). We like that it is non-flammable and non toxic . Also, the compressor operators like the results compared to Simple Green which we have used in the past. - Rick A., NM
    Questar Southern Trails Pipeline
  • "Well, after our thinking that this product wouldn't work on our 2 year old carpet stain, I applied the second application per your instructions back in November and the now the carpet appears to look almost new looks new again! It looks great. We are so sorry for doubting the product and all those testimonials on Ed's radio show. Thank you - Rich and Noreen N., CO
  • "I’ve cleaned my home with natural cleaning products for years. Most of the time I like to make my own natural cleaning products because I can control the ingredients that go into them and because DIY is a frugal option. Still, I always keep a bottle of store-bought natural cleaner on hand in case I run out of the homemade stuff." [Read Article]| #biogreenclean|usebiogreen| #BioGreenClean - Allison Goines, Article from Our Small Hours
  • "Cleaning is not my gift. I can organize for hours. I’ll stay up through the wee hours of the night decorating. But cleaning? I put it off like nobody’s business, making excuses like: “I’ll just do it later.” “I don’t have the energy.” “It’s no big deal if I leave this for tomorrow.” “I don’t have time right now.” ...." [Read Article]| All Natural Cleaner| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean - Mrs. Hines, Article from Mrs. Himes' Class
  • "So most of you who follow my blog know that I am an OCD clean freak , but most importantly I love to only use all natural products that are safe for my family and pets. Recently I was sent this great product calledBio Green Cleanto test out. The name alone should tell you how safe it is for your home and environment. ...." [Read Article]| Bio Green Review| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean - Article from Nana's Deals and More
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