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Household and All Purpose Cleaning


Bio Green Clean is the perfect green cleaning product for an eco-friendly home. It can handle every room and every surface inside and outside your home, your business and everything that needs to be cleaned!  

Bio Green Clean is safe for your family, including your pets.  Bio Green Clean will meet virtually any cleaning challenge.  You are not cleaning unless you are using Bio Green Clean!

You can view a list of numerous dilution examples:

For numerous FAQ's and Cleaning Tips please visit:

Concentrate Dilution Chart

Bio Green Clean Applications Dilution Chart

Above are just a few examples along with their recommended DILUTION RATIOS. These dilution ratios are “starting points.” The ratios are water to concentrate. In other words — the first number is water and the second number is BIO GREEN CLEAN concentrate. PLEASE NOTE:  If your tap water is considered to be "hard water", it is suggested, for optimal results, that you purchase distilled water for diluting Bio Green Clean concentrate.  The "Ready-to-Use" Spray bottle and Gallon refill products are mixed at a 3:1 dilution ratio.

Our customers are constantly surprised by what Bio Green Clean is able to clean and write to us all the time about how it’s made their lives easier.  Check out some of the testimonials below to get a better sense of all the amazing things Bio Green Clean can do and how you can use it to maintain an earth-friendly home.


I had a tenant leave our rental property. A lot of the kitchen was covered with a gummy layer of grease, hard to remove. I remembered Ed Schultz talking about Bio Green Clean's degreasing ability. I tried it. Ed wasn't kidding! This stuff is great and made easy work of cleaning up the kitchen!
Thank you.
Suzanne D., TX



I had to write and tell you that your product is great!
After hearing your ads on The ED show I decided to try it, especially when I heard it could get soap scum off showers.

When it easily got the soap scum off my metal shower walls I gave it a harder test-

During a tile floor installation the grout sponge wash water had gotten on my exterior siding. Nothing would take it off... Until Bio Green Clean. Thought I'd have to live with the staining forever.

Thank you from Asheville, NC.

Marcus R, NC


Hi Everyone,
I used Bio Green Clean to get a piece of gum off the upholstery in our van, removed a chocolate stain from the same van, and tested it on the grout in my kitchen tile successfully! It is truly a remarkable product.

Thanks so much!
E., TX



So what's the deal? Did you get this formula from visiting space aliens or something? I've noticed how it doesn't harm things like the paint on walls, yet it will clean dried latex paint out of a brush. I'm sure the length of time you expose the problem to Bio Green Clean is going to determine what will happen. One of my favorite natural bristle art brushes got left to dry with latex paint on it and I thought it was ruined. I added a little Bio Green Clean to a glass with some water in it and let it soak a couple of days. The brush is practically like new now. I hadn't noticed anyone mentioning this particular use and thought people should know about it.

Racine, WI

PS: I'm not vying for free product! You already used a testimonial from me on Ed's show and sent me a gallon of pre-mix. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


We live on a 40 acre farm in rainy, muddy western Oregon. The dogs go out and get filthy, and even when they just go out to pee, they come in with muddy paws. I hate to buy wipes with chemicals and high prices, so I took a big plastic lidded container and poured some Bio Green Clean concentrate in, added some water, and then tore off paper towels and put them in, pressing them down until the container was packed tight and the towels were all wet or damp. Closed it up and put it within reach of the back door. Now we just grab a wipe or two and get those paws on the way in.

One dog finds stuff in the woods to roll in – nasty stuff – and instead of a whole bath, some of those wipes even take care of that.

 I could go on about the other ways I use Bio Green Clean, but others have, and this might not have been covered by anyone else.

Thank you.

Betsy D., OR

Orchard Hill Farm

Hi, Love your product. Live in Canada and am sharing with family and friends because I want them to get the results I am getting!

Cavelle, BC

I used it to remove a dark yellow stain under my toaster on my marble counter tops. Soaked for a few minutes and then it wiped right off. This gave me the idea to try it on the white/gray marble tabletop on the end table I inherited from my great aunt. The table is over 100 years old and who knows how long those orange stains have been there. I soaked a paper towel and left it on for a few days, re-wetting from time to time. After a few days all but one small spot completely disappeared. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!


Susan W., OR




Hi Bio Green Clean,

I have been a longtime listener of the Ed Schultz radio show, and often hear you talking about Bio Green Clean. I kept thinking that no product could be *that* good :)

Anyway, I have an old Victorian house (built in 1904). It has years of accumulated grime in places, from various past owners. I have 3 cats and a dog, and don't like to use harsh chemicals around my house, particularly on floors. Finally, last week, I decided to try Bio Green Clean out, after hearing another great testimonial.

Two problems I have just solved with Bio Green Clean :-

1. Ground-in dirt on kitchen floor tiles
My kitchen floor tiles are rough-surfaced, an odd choice for a kitchen floor, and years of dirt accumulated in the crevices, particularly on the tile borders near the grout. A couple of scrubbings with a brush and Bio Green Clean took all those years of gunk right out, where no other floor cleaner has worked. It will be much easier maintenance from here on out.

2. Residue from Double-Sided Tape
I'm a dedicated energy-saver around the house, and like to use those plastic window sheets that get taped to the window frame in winter, for insulation. Trouble is, one can never get the double-sided tape off properly afterwards. I was wary of using a goo-removing product because they often strip the finishes too. The previous homeowner had used plastic sheets also, but not removed the tape residue, resulting in ugly, yellowed strips of dried tape adhesive on the window frames.

A couple of applications of Bio Green Clean, and a little scrubbing, took the old residue off, and I'm going to feel better about my window insulation next winter !

Thanks SO much, Bio Green Clean !

Michelle, IL

I purchased your product, used it, and now.......I believe in it so much!
Joanna, WA
My husband and I purchased a lodge in northern Minnesota. The lodge has a commercial kitchen that hadn't been cleaned in at least a few years, so the walls were yellow and the tile floor was sticky with grease. I brought up Bio Green Clean to test it on the scummy greasy kitchen, and I have to say I was impressed! I simply sprayed it on the walls, and watched the layers of cooking grease slide down, and I simply wiped it up. To test further, we had a chimney cleaner at the lodge who offered this great cleaning product that would work on tough grease like in the kitchen. I tested them both side-by-side and not only did Bio Green Clean work just as well if not better, the other stuff gave off terrible fumes and I couldn't use it anyway because the chemical smell was so strong it irritated my eyes, and I had to use heavy-duty gloves. When the lodge is up and running, Bio Green Clean is going to be the ONLY cleaner I will allow to be used. Thank you for this wonderful product!
Ida, MN



I am truly impressed! Your product has cleaned everything I have challenged it with. This latest challenge has confirmed me as a user for life. My husband takes a blood thinner and thus bleeds easily from even a tiny scratch. His pillowcases are usually blood stained, so I used your product as a pre-treat in my laundry and it removed old blood stains!! Gone!!!

I love, love, love Bio Green Clean!!!

Carole, AZ


Here's one for your laundry testimonial section. My teenage son sat on gum in his jeans. I put BGC directly (100%) on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes. The gum peeled away from the jeans... without a trace!

I'll be giving this product as Christmas gifts next Christmas!

Deanna, WA

Hi Bio Green Clean,
I work for a company that has retirement communities.
We drained the spa at one of the communities and this sticky, tar/pitch substance ran out of the jets.
My partner took some xylene to try and remove it; it did not even touch it. I told him to try the Bio Green Clean and he laughed! He said that it will not touch it, either.
I applied the BGC, and it melted it immediately and it wiped the sticky, black substance right up!
I won lunch! Great stuff!

Thomas P., WA



My friend in my car pool turned me on to your product. At first I thought no way is this stuff gonna get the icky pee smell out of my horses leg wraps and blankets. First wash the white wraps went in crusty nasty brown yellow stinky came out brand spankin' new. Those wraps sat in my garage for 5 months before I finally made myself wash them. I tried to take them to a Landry mat the owner kicked me out they smelled so bad. I still cant believe in one wash they came out clean and smelling wonderful. My trainer said “no way” So we went around the barn to find the nastiest dirtiest stinky blanket we could find. Not only did it come out looking and smelling brand new but the cleaning product did not remove the waterproofing on the blanket. Best Surprise ever!! So we loaded BGC into the power washer and cleaned the heated wash area for the horses on a light spray it removed all stains. We are talking about 50 years of barn stains. The walls started out brown the walls were white when we finished 20 min later! Needless to say the entire barn got a cleaning that day and everything we tried BGC worked on. It did not let us down! Best part of all, we only used ¼ of the gallon. We cleaned an entire 30 stall barn that had not been cleaned in who knows how long. It works great!!!

So after doing the barn we went into the apartment where the barn cats live. It smells so bad of cat pee you have to hold your breath to go in there. After 2 hrs of cleaning every surface in the room the cat pee was almost gone. After one month of regular cleaning the cat pee smell is gone. AMAZING!!!!

When we have a litter of puppies it usually takes days of soaking to clean the poo off all the puppies’ toys. But not with BGC spray on wipe off. I can only imagine how well it works on cloth baby dippers.

I think my best use yet is cleaning labels off our home brew bottles. The stuff we used to use made my hands breakout and the smell stung my eyes and nose. It made the entire basement smell for days. YUCK! But I make a 7:1 mix of BGC soak for 20 min and the labels wipe right off. BGC probably saved my life from having to breathe that other yucky stuff.

I have never come across a cleaning product that does such a wonderful job on everything. I gave away all my other products and now I only have lots of bottles of BGC diluted to different ratios in my house. I just placed an order for my next gallon! I can’t wait for it to come. My 100 yr old house has never been cleaner and now all my friends think I am the best housekeeper. They think I am nuts when I tell them I only use one product for everything and it only takes me a few hours to clean the entire 3000 sq ft house. I send them home with a small bottle and than they ask me where to buy BGC in bulk!!

I wish more companies would have products that are green that work so wonderfully! Thank you BGC!! My horse, dogs, friends and family all thank you!


Seattle WA



Dear Bio Green Clean,
I feel pretty guilty, looking back to the days when I had my young daughter use Simple Green to clean the cabinet doors. She did complain of the burning in her eyes and nose, but I thought that the product was safe and that cleaning up included chemicals and elbow grease.
Now I know better and I bless you for creating a safe product for all the little girls out there. You deserve a hug.

After using your product I was shocked. I didn't need to scrub as hard and I used much less water! Also, I recently cleaned a 100 year old propane stove and found it a pleasure to uncover its' beauty. Your product is practically a miracle.
Thank you for protecting our environment and our children.
Holly, CO

I love Bio Green Clean so much that I could just jump out of my skin!
I am a 28 year old mother of 4 (ages 2 months to almost 8) and our
house gets used more than most. Not only do we live in our house, we
home school, have 2 at home businesses and we make just about all of
our food from scratch. This house has seen A LOT of action and with
that usage comes big messes. We are on organic diets and lead a green
lifestyle as much as possible. All the cleaners that I use are green
and natural from the laundry detergent, glass cleaner, dusting
polish...everything. While I love the fact that I'm providing a
chemical free environment for my family, the green cleaners don't
always cut it. I finally ordered Bio Green Clean after hearing so many
great testimonials and it is certainly lives up to the praise. I have
removed grime from the piano that has been there 20 years, it removes
stuck on baby stains from clothing, it demolished the baked on crust
in my oven, it has brought my granite counter top to a gleaming shine,
my stainless steel appliances have never looked so good and best of
all, it completely brought my microfiber kitchen chairs back to new.
Those chairs have seen 7 years of spills and stains from 3 children
and though I tried endlessly to clean them, NOTHING worked. Bio Green
Clean is the CURE ALL in our household. It's my husband's automatic
answer to everything and we tell everyone we know about it. I joke
that my family includes my husband, four children and my 2 horse power
blender. Now I have officially named Bio Green Clean as a member of
our family. I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you,

Leah, PA



After 38 years of being the primary cleaner-upper at our house, I was skeptical about trying ANOTHER new product, but my husband insisted that we buy Bio Green Clean.... (Ed Schultz listener!).

Holy cow! What is in this cleaning product?
It is the best cleaner I have ever tried, and has replaced a closetful of hardly used bottles and tons of elbow grease. No stinky odor either.
We use it at all different strengths to clean windows, tubs and sinks, grout lines, greasy kitchen counters and stainless hoods, cabinets and stoves, Even the calcium crust around faucets.
By the way, 1/2 qt., with daily use, has lasted 4 months.
Now, cleaning is definitely a much more productive and satisfying activity.
Thank you so much!
Carol, CO



Words can not describe how impressed I am with Bio Green Clean! I have heard several of your testimonies on the Ed Schultz Show and thought that while it sounds impressive it can't be true. Boy was I wrong! I used it as soon as I got it on my 14 year old vinyl floor in my kitchen and could not believe my eyes! The floor looked brand new!! My only regret is that I did not take before and after pictures to help those who are skeptics like me. Buy this product! You will not be disappointed! I can't wait to try it on my boat come spring! If it can do to my boat what it did to my kitchen floor you'll see a grown man cry. Thank you Bio Green Clean! Truly an amazing product! I must call Ed and let him know!


Tim O., CO



Hi Bio Green Clean,

Quite a while ago I called in a testimonial and you sent me a gallon of BGC!!! Thank You Thank You!!! I love this stuff so much! I have another wonderful discovery using BGC! I have a really nice wood stove insert, with large viewing windows that get "washed with flames" to help keep them clean, but after time and at lower temperatures the smoke builds and block the lovely view of the burning fire. Well I used a razor blade and BGC the first time and removed all of the brown gunk, and now all I need to do is wet a paper towel with BGC and it wipes right off. I LOVE that, it can be a dirty job, and because BGC has made the glass less sticky to the smoke it is a non job!
Thanks again for making the worlds best cleaner!!

Be Well,
Karen, WA 




I needed to clean my oven. I usually just take the shelves out and place them on the patio until the oven is finished. I have tried several times to clean the shelves, but it takes hours to scrub them with steel wool and they never look good. I decided to put them in the sink because I really needed to get them clean. I filled the sink with water and put some Bio Green Clean in. I got distracted and left the kitchen for several hours. When I came back, about to start working on the shelves, I saw that there was lots of "things" floating in the water. I took a cloth and realized all I had to do was to wipe the shelves off and they now look new. I can't believe that this not only saved hours of scrubbing, but saved my manicure and my back. Other than when the oven was new, it never looked so good. I am known in my family as someone who burns dinner a lot!
Thank you so much!!
Candy, FL



I just got my first order of concentrate. Diluted with lots of soft water as instructed. Tried it on my grimy painted white kitchen cabinets and over the store microwave. Wow. I’ve tried everything to dissolve the can’t be avoided cooking grease that builds up over time. It was spray, wait about 30 seconds and wipe. Came right off.

Unexpected bonus 1: it polished my wedding ring to a like new shine

Unexpected bonus 2: I have trouble with cleaners drying out my hands. After an hour cleaning every cabinet in my house, my hands felt like I had just put lotion on.

Love it.

I bought to use on my hardwood floors. If it’s anything like the cabinets, I’ll be in love.

Rebecca, WI




Dear Sir!!

Like you don't already know, but I had to stop and write. First I love that you advertise on progressive radio-your head is in the right place.
The stuff has made so many of my things come clean. My mother's baby quilt ~70 years old with a mark I assumed would NEVER come out-it looked like brown house paint. I have had it for 20 years that way-tried Bio Green Clean and it is beginning to budge-miraculous.
But, tonight I have been able to remove some goo that turned solid with a stick and a rock in it. My daughter spilled something on top of a dark blue wooden book shelf- years ago. I spray on Bio Green Clean and it loosened it up and the blue paint on the wood is untouched. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??
Thank you! Thank you!
Elizabeth A, IL




I wanted to touch base to let you know that we did get our bottle of the Bio Green Clean, and had the chance to test it in a number of ways for a few days.
It did a fine job on the standard things I tested it on at home (kitchen, bathroom, the usual suspects), and being able to use something that works as well as, or even better than other products, with the added advantage of being pure green does speak well for it.
The real fun though began when the boys around the shop each took a turn, and of course being boys they were off and running on the odd and difficult issues, which is where BGC leaves others in the dust (didn't actually intend it as a pun, but I kind of like it, so it stays). Mark had problems with his computer mouse, which has rubber sides that had become tacky over time, and for almost a year he tried everything he could think of to get rid of the stick. He decided that was his test area, and the man was floored (and pretty excited) when BGC totally eliminated the tackiness completely.

Next up, running around trying it out of anything and everything we could think of. The biggest test was on one of the company vans, that had brownish stains down the sides of the white van. Over the years, we have tried having them removed at car washes and repair shops, and nothing would get the stains out, but the BGC took it off with no waiting - just sprayed it on and wiped the streaks away.
So in summation, we tried it, we really liked it, and yes, D/R Services (and WinSol Power Company) do want to be a wholesaler of BGC products. We will put together our first wholesale order, this week!
I can't wait to take some home again - after seeing the effect it had on the boys around the shop I'm anxious to see if I can get the same response from my husband; maybe I won't have to do any cleaning myself for a while!




In addition to the phenomenal results that BIO GREEN CLEAN will deliver as an industrial-strength hydroponic and gardening equipment cleaner, it’s all-natural, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable formula provides numerous household applications.

Remember, BIO GREEN CLEAN is all-natural and biodegradable. It is safe for virtually any cleaning challenge. We invite you to send us any great new applications you’ve discovered for BIO GREEN CLEAN so we can share it with our customers.





  • 100% Plant Derived
  • 100% Hypoallergenic!
  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • NO Dyes or Colors
  • NO Artificial Ingredients
  • NO Perfumes or Fragances
  • NO Chemicals Residue
  • NO Animal Testing
  • NO Peroxide
  • NO Ammonia
  • NO Bleach


  • “Bio Green Clean is truly a safe, friendly and economical product and no overpowering fragrances! My house cleaning and particularly mopping time has been cut in half! I just add Bio Green and water in my mop pail and the rest is history, and for discolored grout I spray and wait about minutes then wipe off.” - Delorise Cunigan
  • “I have to say that I used this stuff for the first time last weekend. I think this product is amazing. I recently bought a house and was cleaning up some shelving in the garage which had oil and all sorts of junk stuck to them. They looked like new when I was done. I am impressed!” - Chris Taylor
    Housewares Buyer
    McGuckin Hardware, Boulder CO
  • "Thanks again, and best wishes to Mark and colleagues for continuing success!I continue to use Bio Green Clean for all kinds of cleaning projects, and I wouldn’t be without it. There is nothing like it, and it is safe and easy to use." - Sue T., WI
  • "Just to let you folks know, this was my fifth order of your product. I have purchased it for my friends and relatives. I also volunteer as a driver for our local rescue squad, and after every run I clean the inside of the unit to get rid of the smell of disinfectants that we must use. This product is great! - Walter S., MD
  • "I heard about your product on the Ed Shultz program. As a result we decided to try on cleaning our industrial pipeline compressors (Large CAT engines driving Large compressors). We like that it is non-flammable and non toxic . Also, the compressor operators like the results compared to Simple Green which we have used in the past. - Rick A., NM
    Questar Southern Trails Pipeline
  • "Well, after our thinking that this product wouldn't work on our 2 year old carpet stain, I applied the second application per your instructions back in November and the now the carpet appears to look almost new looks new again! It looks great. We are so sorry for doubting the product and all those testimonials on Ed's radio show. Thank you - Rich and Noreen N., CO
  • "I’ve cleaned my home with natural cleaning products for years. Most of the time I like to make my own natural cleaning products because I can control the ingredients that go into them and because DIY is a frugal option. Still, I always keep a bottle of store-bought natural cleaner on hand in case I run out of the homemade stuff." [Read Article]| #biogreenclean|usebiogreen| #BioGreenClean - Allison Goines, Article from Our Small Hours
  • "Cleaning is not my gift. I can organize for hours. I’ll stay up through the wee hours of the night decorating. But cleaning? I put it off like nobody’s business, making excuses like: “I’ll just do it later.” “I don’t have the energy.” “It’s no big deal if I leave this for tomorrow.” “I don’t have time right now.” ...." [Read Article]| All Natural Cleaner| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean - Mrs. Hines, Article from Mrs. Himes' Class
  • "So most of you who follow my blog know that I am an OCD clean freak , but most importantly I love to only use all natural products that are safe for my family and pets. Recently I was sent this great product calledBio Green Cleanto test out. The name alone should tell you how safe it is for your home and environment. ...." [Read Article]| Bio Green Review| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean| #BioGreenClean - Article from Nana's Deals and More
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